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Books found in the house:

Lester Dibble - books on WWI, Psych of Religion
William Lx Dibble, McPharm (?) Kansas (?) - Misc Essays & Poems Vol I-III
Pinkie Pearce, Tipton IA Feb 1909 - Frank Pearce - Wilhelm Tell T. (F?) D. Pearce, 3rd Training Co - WWI military manuals, inc Coast Artillery Regulations
Freda Dexheimer Gamma Delta ‘27 - hx of Greece, Rome, Middle Ages
Mamie Morgen Xmas 1897 - Jane Eyre - Philip Reader (?) Jr 1906
Jay D. Nichols - Natural Philosophy “bought Nov 14 1878…” Sullivan (?) Ill., Quincy Mich, St Paul Minn, Mrs. Jay D. Nichols 1905, #204 7th St N. W. Mason City - German & Russian literature anthologies
Dorothy E. Nichols, Wheeler Cottage also Grinnell Iowa - American lit. Universal lit. Christopher Marlowe,
Merle & Marvyl Potter February 10 1900, Feb 7 1907, Butt Iowa - children's readers, American History 1912 (Marvyl),

Big Bang



First Inhabitant

Native American History


1854 Abstract - U.S. of A. to B.B. Richards
1855-6 Abstract - U.S.A. to Benjamin B. Richards, grant
1855-6 Abstract - Benjamin B. Richards to John B. Long, convey
1856 Abstract - John B. Long & Anna wf. to Ira L. Williams, convey all that part of NW quarter of NE quarter-section 10-96-20 which lies south of the center of Willow Creek.
1857 Abstract - Ira L. Williams to Nancy E. Allen, mortgage

1858 Mason City was named as county seat
The first newspaper was published, the Cerro Gordo Press

1866 Abstract - Nancy E. Allen to Ira L. Williams, release of mortgage
1866 Abstract - Nancy E. Allen to George Vermilya, warranty deed

The Mason City Cemetery Association (MCCA) organized the Mason City Cemetery in the northeast part of the City, near the present Mason City Waterworks

The first train arrived in Mason City, the McGregor and Missouri River Railway Company

Population was 1,183
Mason City was incorporated as a town
F. J. Turnure was named Mason City’s First Marshall
Mason City Fire Company #1 was authorized to act; the first volunteer hook & ladder established for fire protection

The first library was established but was not a free service – it was a subscription library, meaning only paid subscribers were allowed to borrow books

Central Park was established in the center of downtown

St. Joseph Cemetery was organized at the present location

The first ‘fire shed’ was built to house fire protection equipment

1876 Abstract - plat of subdivision, including Lot 16

The first telephone service was installed; long distance service was available to Algona

Population was 2,510

1880 Census - Lynnville, Ogle, Illinois, United States Daniel Countryman Self M 65 New York
Sally Countryman Wife F 62 New York
Jennie Countryman Daughter F 19 Illinois
Herman Wolgmuth Other M 29 New York

Name W Longenecker Event Place Rochelle, Ogle, Illinois, United States Age 25 (c. 1855 vs 1852?) Marital Status Single Race White Occupation Dry Goods Clerk

Jennie Viola Countryman b. in Illinois Born on Apr 1863 to Daniel Countryman and Sally Phillips. Jennie Viola married Wesley M Longnecker in 1883 and had a child. (Ancestry.com) http://www.ebooksread.com/authors-eng/alvin-countryman/countryman-genealogy-nuo/page-4-countryman-genealogy-nuo.shtml

1881 Mason City map
Shows George Vermilya owning a big parcel including the “big house” and the future site of 718, and a lot of other property in the neighborhood, too. Mostly to the south.

Carrie Chapman Catt becomes a teacher in Mason City

1883 Mason City Directory
Wesley Longnecker as carriage maker living at...

March 1883 - Jennie’s father died (married Wesley in May)

1883 - Superintendent of Schools in Mason City was Carrie Chapman Catt, the Founder of the National American Woman Suffrage Association

The Civil War statue was erected in Central Park

1885 - “double” lot purchased by Jennie from Judge Vermilya per Walking Tour Guide

1885 State Census - living at Washington & 10th, daughter Grace not born yet vs. 2yo, Sally Countryman, widow, living with them (her mother)

1885 James McGhee marriage

Pumps and pipes were purchased for the City water system

The Denison Hose Company was founded. The first hose cart was purchased by O.T. Denison for use by the Company. The Water Commissioner authorized to employ personnel to care for the hose and cart.

Mason City Electric Company installed street lights

A second library in the community opened as a reading room

1888 - Stockmans come to Mason City

June 1889 - birth of Ruth McGhee Bull

1890 Federal Census partially destroyed in a fire, so reason why not finding people there.

1890 - Longneckers move into first house built on State Street, #42 in Walking Tour Guide, sold in 1895

July 1890 - birth of Harold Bull

1893 - Birth of J. Donald McGhee and death of his mother.

August 1893 - Jennie’s mother died

Dr. Stella Mason became the first female doctor to practice in Mason City

The public library moved to East State Street

The building of the Iowa Central Railroad necessitated relocating the cemetery from the northeast part of the City to the present Elmwood Cemetery site (the bodies of the persons buried were moved to Elmwood Cemetery)

1894 - Longneckers move into second house on State Street, #41 in the Walking Tour Guide.

1895 Atlas
Shows George Vermilya owning a big parcel including the “big house” and the future site of 718. Jennie V. Longnecker is shown as owner of a double parcel to the west with a couple houses on it (#42 and #4? In the Walking Tour Guide).

Cub Scout History Walk
At 718 E. State St., 10-year-old Adam Dettmer, wearing a black apron and a straw hat, portrayed early Mason City property owner Wesley E. Longnecker. “I build carriages and I sell property,” he said. “Does anyone need a property around here?” [Interesting that they talk about Wesley, when Jennie was the primary owner in the abstract.] http://globegazette.com/news/local/cub-scouts-take-history-walk/article_268f42de-0d01-11e2-9211-001a4bcf887a.html

The first horse-drawn fire engine was purchased and the first paid fire fighter (driver) occurred this year

A chapel was built on the grounds of the cemetery with a receiving vault and sitting room

1896 Abstract - subdivision of Lot 16 into two lots (1.5 acre Lot 2 to the west, larger 2.86 acre Lot 1 to the east)

The first run of the Mason City Clear Lake Railroad was made between the two communities

1898 Mason City Directory - Wesley Longnecker as mattress company manager, living at 329 E State

1898 June Abstract - George Vermilya & Helen wf. to Jennie V. Longenecker, convey eastern 5 rods of Lot 1 in Lot 16 with the understanding & agreement that no live tree on the lot shall be damaged, destroyed or removed by either party. Quit-claim from south bank of Willow Creek north. 1898 December Abstract - Jennie V. Longenecker & W.M. hus. to C.H.McNider, mortgage to secure payment of $1500 (cost to build house?)

December 1898 Cerro Gordo Republican newspaper, W Longnecker listed with delinquent taxes.

1899-1920 Mason City history - http://iagenweb.org/cerrogordo/history/MasonCity/MCCentennialEd/cg_hist_CentMCStory_1899-1920.htm

1900 Census Record
Wesley N. Longnecker - Mason City Township Mason City Ward 1, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, United States
Wesley Longnecker lived in Cerro Gordo County, Iowa in 1900. He was the head of the household, 48 years old, and identified as white. Wesley was born in Pennsylvania around 1852, and both of his parents were born in Pennsylvania as well. In 1900, Wesley listed as married to Jennie V. Longnecker. Occupation:

Wesley N Longnecker Head M 48 Pennsylvania
Jennie V Longnecker Wife F 38 Illinois
listed at 860 (!) East State Street. Where is Grace, their daughter, who would have been ~15 yo. Daughter Grace (not found in 1900 census yet)

Neighbors at 804 (!) East State Street:

George Vermilya Head M 78 New York
Grace Dilts Daughter F 34 Iowa
Guerdon M Vermilya Son M 26 Iowa
William H Dilts Roomer M 40 Illinois
Nellie Everson Servant F 18 Minnesota

Judge George Vermilya - http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~iabiog/cerrogordo/h1910/h1910-v.htm#GEORGEVERMILYA

E.R. Bogardus’ mother was a Vermilyea. (His sister married Captain Smith - http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~iabiog/cerrogordo/h1910/h1910-s.htm#Captain Henry Irving Smith ) Bogardus lived with G. Vermilya when he came to Mason City and presumably worked for him in his lumberyard as he got into the building business.

1899 March Abstract - ditto, mortgage to secure payment of $450

1900 Abstract - C.H. McNider to Jennie V. Longenecker & husb, release of mortgage.

1900 Abstract - Jennie V. Longenecker & husb to May E. Kennedy, convey

1900 Mason City Directory - Wesley Longnecker as harness maker, living at 130 East State St.

July 1900 Abstract - May E. Kennedy & Charles E. husb to J.W. Ray, sell and convey subject to mortgage of $1500

A new court house was built in the community on the corner of 1st Street NW and N. Washington Avenue (on the site of the existing parking lot west of the current City Hall location)

February 1901 Abstract - James W. Ray to Charlotte E. Ray, executrix (widow), last will and testament

1901 Mason City Directory - Wesley Longnecker in real estate, living on Madison.

1901 - At meeting of the national NAWSA organization, Eleanor Stockman was recognized as one of the most successful fundraisers through her gift of the proceeds of a carload of hogs donated by Iowa farmers.

No Longnecker in 1923 Mason City Directory, can’t find in 1910 Census either. Ended up buried in Detroit, Michigan.

Duncan Rule House National Register Application
The house was designed by E.R. Bogardus (1850-1927), a long-time resident and builder in Mason City. Bogardus came to Mason City as a child. He opened a contracting business in 1873. Although he apparently had no formal architectural training, he gradually began to design, as well as construct, houses, and after 1894 devoted all his time to architecture. During his long career, Bogardus was responsible for numerous buildings in Mason City. His works included the mission-style Calvary M.E. Church (1913); the Georgian/Federal Revival Verimlya (1894), (house next door, related to E.R. Bogardus’ mother) Markley (c. 1902), and Keerl (c. 1894) houses; the City Park Hospital (1909), and the Queen Anne Longenecker house (1898), as well as assorted commercial buildings. He designed two houses using elements of the Shingle idiom: the Duncan Rule house and its precursor, the George Wilson house (1907).... http://focus.nps.gov/pdfhost/docs/NRHP/Text/79000886.pdf

E.R. Bogardus blueprints - http://www.mcpl.org/historyandgenealogy/archives/bogardusblueprints

Sophia and Dolly Story opened the Story Hospital, the first hospital in Mason City at 107 N. Pennsylvania Avenue

The horse-drawn ‘Hook and Ladder Truck’ was purchased

April 1902 Abstract - assessment for Oak Street (now Virginia) not yet assessed.

1902 - Robert Meredith Wilson born

1903 Abstract - Charlotte A. Ray, widow, to J. H. McGhee, warranty deed, convey for $4000

1903 - J.H. McGhee was 41, Ruth was 13, Leone was 11 and J. Donald was 10.

The first movie theater, The Bijou, was opened by J. M. Heffner, located on the corner of South Federal and 2nd Street SE (the current main entrance of Southbridge Mall to the south on the east side - mentioned in Leone’s letters to J. Donald?)

The post office was built at 19 South Delaware Avenue

1908 - J.H. McGhee was 46, Ruth was 18, Leone was 16 and J. Donald was 15.

1908 - Dr. George and Eleanor Stockman House built. Eleanor’s sister, Fannie Chaffin, was long-time secretary for Carrie Chapman Catt. The artistic Eleanor, herself, was a supporter of the National American Women Suffrage Association.

1909 - Ruth McGee marries Harold Bull

East Park was established and is considered Mason City's most popular park

The Mason City Police Department officially became an organized department

The Mason City Fire Department went from a volunteer department to a paid department

The Park Hospital was built (by Bogardus) on the northwest corner of 1st Street NW and North Washington Avenue

Photo of “Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bull, Mason City” on the porch of 718 East State Street! - https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/piiTL5W36V47WVigX0M5Dw Other photos here - https://picasaweb.google.com/103155050948115664395/1900s

Robert J Bull - born in Mason City, Cerro Gordo, Iowa, USA on 1909 to Harold V Bull and Ruth M Bull. He passed away on 18 Jan 1994 in Mason City, Cerro Gordo, Iowa, USA. http://www.ancestry.com/genealogy/records/robert-j-bull_87647337


1910 - What life was like - trivia - http://www.stockmanhouse.org/life-in-1910

1910 - marriage of Ruth Stockman (?)

1910 Census: George Vermilya (widower) is living at 804 (!) East State Street and next door are
James H Mcghee Head M 48 Iowa
Leone Mcghee Daughter F 18 Iowa
Donald Mcghee Son M 17 Iowa
at 818 (!) East State Street. James is Ruth M. Bull’s father with Leone and Donald being her siblings. See below.

H V Bull Head M 19 South Dakota
(Ruth) Bull Wife F 20 Iowa
James Robert Bull Son M 0 Iowa
are living at 118 Oak Street (renamed Virginia in 1916 ). And...

C F Bull Head M 40 New York
Sarah G Bull Wife F 39 South Dakota
Dorthy H Bull Daughter F 8 Iowa
Fred C Bull Son M 4 Iowa
Living at 797 State Street - now 697 East State Street, basically across the street from the Longnecker-Bull House, old photo in the collection of Diane Jorgensen!!!!!!

1910: James Donald McGhee, Ruth’s brother, graduated from high school in 1910. We have his diploma. (So did Leone graduate in 1909? Ruth in 1907?)

The Park Inn Hotel and City National Bank, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, opened in downtown Mason City across from Central Park

Colby Car Company was in operation (buildings are still used by the Associated Milk Producers, Inc. AMPI)

The first airplane flight was made in Mason City

The former fire ‘shed’ was razed, the new fire headquarters was built on the same lot

The American Locomotive Company of Schenectady, New York, built locomotive number 457 for the Minneapolis and St. Louis Railroad (the locomotive is now historically retired in East Park)

1912 Map
Shows the old Vermilya block still intact, for some reason. The previous Longnecker double parcel has been divided into two unequal parcels. Ownership is not marked on this map.

McGhee Children, college years -


  • Leone pledge at Omega Delta p 333 The Bomb
  • J.D. freshman in Kappa Sigma p300-301 The Bomb


  • Leone sophomore in Pi Beta Phi p 302-3/324-5 The Bomb
  • J.D. sophomore in Kappa Sigma p298-9 The Bomb


  • Leone Pi Beta Phi junior p292/306 The Bomb
  • J.D. junior in Kappa Sigma, profile on pg 89 The Bomb



  • J.D. Kappa Sigma Junior (!) p 252 The Bomb

The City was governed under the Commission form of government

The first patrol wagon was used by the Police Department

The first motorized fire engine was purchased, a 1913 Seagrave

The first motorcycle was purchased for use by the Police Department

Mercy Hospital opened

Mason City was rated a City of the first class with a population of 17,172

The Chamber of Commerce opened

1917 Abstract - J. H. McGhee to Ruth M. Bull, warranty deed, convey for $1 and other considerations

1917: James Donald McGhee, Ruth’s brother, graduated from Iowa State College in Animal Husbandry in 1917. We have his diploma (on parchment). He was in the Kappa Sigma house and we have photos of his fraternity brothers.

1917 Abstract - Ruth M. Bull and H. V. Bull, her husband to C.H.McNider, mortgage for $4000
1917 Abstract - C. H. McNider to John W. Smith, assigns mortgage
1917 - James H. McGhee elected to first term in state legislature, ran unopposed per letters

The Mason City Fire Department became fully motorized

The first hard-surfaced interurban highway in Iowa was constructed between Mason City and Clear Lake

Mason City Junior College (MCJC) opened as the first public two year college in Iowa

1918: James Donald McGhee drafted and served in the 70th Machine Gun company. We have the unit photo.

1919 - James H. McGhee elected to second term in state legislature


1920 Census:
Harold V Bull Head M 29 South Dakota
Ruth Bull Wife F 30 Iowa
Robert Bull Son M 9 Iowa
Elizabeth R Bull Daughter F 2 Iowa
Donald Mcghee Brother-in-law M 26 Iowa
Leone Mcghee Sister-in-law F 28 Iowa
Helen Johnston Servant F 16 South Dakota
at 718 East State Street. Deckers live next door at 704. Charles, Grace and Dorothy Bull (50, 49 and 18 yo) are at 104 1st Street (vs. S. Virginia?)

The census reported Mason City’s population at 20,065 and was ranked as Iowa’s 11th largest city

The Red Ball Bus Line was started in Mason City by Helen Schulz. This line was one of the first bus lines in the country and perhaps the only one owned and operated by a woman.

1922 - James H. McGhee starts service as mayor of Mason City

1923 Mason City Directory:
Bull Harold V.

 Asst Cashr
 First National Bank
 r 718 E State


First National BAnk The, C H MacNider, Pres; W G C Bagley, C A Parker, F E Keeler and Hanford MacNider, Vice Pres; R P Smith, Cashr; H V Bull, Asst Cashr; 1 N Federal av. http://iagenweb.org/cerrogordo/Directory/1923-F.htm

1924 - James H. McGhee dies of smallpox while serving as mayor of Mason City
1924 - Retirement of Dr. Stockman and death of Eleanor Chaffin Stockman

The City re-evaluated its form of government and was changed to the Manager form

Charles Lindbergh attended the dedication of the Mason City Airport

Members of the Police Department began working 8 hour days


Newspaper February 1930
For Rent Houses-FORWENT--7 roonl house. ·mr  » r *r 1-..!l i^ Mass. H. V. Bull. https://www.newspapers.com/newspage/37194032/

Newspaper April 1930
The Klein-Wilkinson jury is made up of the following: Ruth Bull, 718 East State street; http://www.newspapers.com/newspage/37196451/

1930 Census:
https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:XMNL-HLZ (C. Frank and Ruth V. Bull, ages 60 and 59 at 104 S. Virginia)
https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:XMNL-XQH (Harold V. and Ruth M., 38 and 39, with Robert J. 20 yo son, and R. Elizabeth 13 yo dau, at 718 East State Street)

Newspaper July 1931
FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF MASON C1TV…. H. V. Bull, Cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. H. V. BULL, Cashier. http://www.newspapers.com/newspage/38182779/

Newspaper - the March 3rd 1933 Globe-Gazette:
Officers for the coming year were elected at the meeting of the History club Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. H. V. Bull 718 East State street. Mrs. W. 'Earl -Hal! was elected president to succeed Mrs. J. W. Irons. Mrs. Irons was elected vice president and Mrs. Frank Pearce secretary. Mrs. H. W. Conover and Mrs A. J. Feeney are the retiring vice president and secretary. Mrs. Lee P. Loomis led the ies- son on "The Economics of Fashion," by Wystrom. http://www.newspapers.com/newspage/1628655/

C. 1935 photo of construction of “new” East Park tennis courts shows east facade of house with fireplace chimney visible. Company making firebricks in business from 1929-1959.

Newspaper January 1937:
Harold Bull, former cashier of the First National bank in Mason City, has been named president of the National Citizen's bank at Mankato. iMr. Bull became cashier of the Mankato banking institution when he left Mason City in 1933. He was successively advanced to vice president and executive vine president and recently to the position of president. (Photo by Floyd IMcriclcth Wright, Kaye- rcay Engraving")

1937 Abstract - John W. Smith to Ruth M. Bull and H.V. Bull, her husband, release of mortgage


1940 census - http://www.archives.com/1940-census/charles-bull-ia-35495583
(Charles F. and Grace, 70 and 69 yo, living at 104 S. Virginia, with Dorothy Coulson, 36 yo daughter, and Robert Fren, 16 yo grandson. The Grummons are living at 718 in this census)

Harold Bull Head (bank president) M 49 South Dakota
Ruth Bull Wife F 49 Iowa
Jneo? Thorstorson Servant (household maid) F 36 Iowa
706 S. Bradford (?), Mankato, Mankato City, Blue Earth, Minnesota, United States

Robert J Bull Head (salesman) M 30 Iowa
Mary E Bull Wife F 32 Iowa
Susan E Bull Daughter F 1 Iowa
605 North Main, Austin City, Mower, Minnesota, United States since 1935

1943 Abstract - H.V. Bull, affidavit of property ownership, homestead until 1933 when moved to MN, rented by Ruth as present owner.

Newspaper December 1948:
Attorney Dated December 13, 1948 S. H. MacPEAK, Clerk District Court By EVELYN ^LOCK. Deputy NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR •TATE OF IOWA. Cerro Gordo County. ss. No. 7025. Notice is hereby given, thatAhe under- «igned has been duly appointed and qualified as Executor of the estate ol Grace Bull, Deceased, late of Cerro Gordo County. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment: and those having claims against the same will present them, duly authenticated, , to the undersigned for allowance, and file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court. C. P. BULL RALPH S. STANBERY, Attorney http://www.newspapers.com/newspage/8144548/


Newspaper February 1959:
Officers Installed by R.N.A. Mrs.. Valborg Lum, oracle at Northwood, was installing officer at the H.N.A. meeting Thursday evening in the CIO hall. Installing marshals were Mrs. .Hector Newman and Mrs. S. A. Bemis. Those installed were Mrs. 0. A. Lund,' -oracle; Mrs. Willis Buirge, vice oracle; Mrs. V. Winchell, chancellor; Mrs. Newman, recorder; MCS. E. \V. Leiley, receiver; Mrs. Grace Bull, marshal; http://www.newspapers.com/newspage/722649/


Mrs. H.V. Bull was noted in 1960 helping host a September dinner dance at the Country Club in Mason City.

Newspaper from November 1964:
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Bull, 412 S. Vermont, announce the approaching marriage of their daughter, Susan Elizabeth, to Dale Thomas Mericle, son of Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Mericle of Des Moines. The wedding will take place Nov. 25. Miss Bull, a granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bull of Sioux City, formerly of Mason City, is a graduate of the University of Iowa. http://www.newspapers.com/newspage/5849246/

Ruth M. Bull - Death Record Sioux City, Iowa
Ruth M. Bull was born on June 8, 1889 and died on January 7, 1989 at the age of 99. Ruth last resided in Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa.

“My great-grandmother was Grace (Van Epps) Bull who was married to my great grandfather, Charles Francis Bull. (I was named after him, as my mother took a train trip from Sacremento, CA so I could be born in Iowa during WWII)
Both are buried in the Mason City, IA cemetary, as are my parents Robert & Mae Greene and a niece, Megan VerHelst. [A “Robert Fren” was living with mother Dorothy Coulsen and grandparents in Mason City in 1940 census]
Their son, Harold Bull was the president of Norwest bank in Sioux City,IA & their daughter Dorothy, (my paternal grandmother), remarried & is buried in Oroville, CA. Harold had a son, Bob, (buried in Mason City, IA) who had a son Jim, & a daughter, Sue.
I am thinking of relocating to the Union County area & wondered if I had any long-lost relatives there.”
Charles Greene (Charles + Grace -> Dorothy -> Robert + Mae Green) http://boards.tiscali.ancestry.co.uk/surnames.van-20-epps/12/mb.ashx

son Robert Bull (1909-1994) -> children Jim & Sue (b. in the 30s?) Granddaughter Susan E. Bull Mericle, b. 1939, married to Dale Thomas Mericle, MD, in 1964, Miss Sue Bull, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bull, 412 Vermont SE, has been appointed to the judiciary committee of the Currier Dormitory Council at the University of Iowa. Miss Bull is a junior at Iowa. November 19, 1960 Globe Gazette

Grandson James Robert Bull, b. Sept 12th 1941, cornet player in Globe Gazette 1959-1963

Daughter Ruth Elizabeth Bull…

Jennie Longnecker was 40 yo in 1903
Grace Longnecker was 40 in 1923
Ruth Bull was 40 years old in 1929
V. fictional housekeeper/servant

Mason City History:
http://www.masoncity.net/pview.aspx?id=17911&catid=477 http://www.mcpl.org/historyandgenealogy/archives/mctimeline01

Frank Lloyd Wright and Mason City: Architectural Heart of the Prairie
Info about the Stockmans and the events surrounding the house. https://books.google.com/books?id=yJKcDQAAQBAJ&lpg=PT16&ots=yJPKCXGusx&dq=Dr.%20george%20Stockman%20mason%20city%20iowa%20physician&pg=PT18#v=onepage&q=Dr.%20george%20Stockman%20mason%20city%20iowa%20physician&f=false

Eleanor Stockman bio - http://www.prohibitionists.org/history/votes/Eleanor_Chafin_Stockman_bio.html

Physicians and Surgeons of America: (Illustrated). A Collection of ...
Biography of Dr. Stockman https://books.google.com/books/content?id=vEr9eZA8V6kC&pg=PA348&img=1&zoom=3&hl=en&sig=ACfU3U2ritnUmruQHgoy-6FMv12CvVeloQ&ci=543%2C270%2C400%2C1013&edge=0