The Restoration

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Overall Plan

The Longnecker House preceded the construction of the Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie style Stockman House up the street by just 10 years, so the restoration will highlight the subtle architectural connections between the two.

The plan is to restore the house to an appearance consistent with the residency of the McGhee family (1903-1933, focusing on 1903-1918).

The house was only 5 years old when James McGhee bought it, so the exterior colors, floors, etc. would represent 1898 styles. The interior paint/wallpaper may have been freshened up for the new young family.

The furnishings would probably be a mix of eras.

  • James was married in 1888 and his wife died in childbirth in 1893, so he would probably have a significant number of furnishings from that time.
  • From the surviving family letters, the McGhees seemed inclined to buy new things on a regular basis, so they probably purchased some new furniture after moving in 1903.
  • James' daughter, Ruth, got married around 1909 and then moved back in 1917, so there would likely be furnishings representing those dates as well.

Conveniently, fashions did not change drastically over most that time, now known at the Edwardian era.