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Harold and Ruth McGhee sitting on the front steps c. 1909


Harold and Ruth McGhee Bull lived at 718 East State Street until 1933. Ruth was active in the local historical society. Harold worked his way up the ranks at First National Bank until they moved to Mankato, where he became president of National Citizen's Bank. (Note that First National Bank in Mason City was robbed by John Dillinger in 1934.)

Harold and Ruth ended up in Sioux City, where he was president of Norwest Bank.


Robert J Bull was born in 1909 to Harold V Bull and Ruth M Bull. He passed away on 18 Jan 1994.



697 East State Street, c. 1908
Dorothy and Francis (Fred) Bull
Harold Bull. Vermilya House is in the background across the street.
James H Mcghee Head M 48 Iowa
Leone Mcghee Daughter F 18 Iowa
Donald Mcghee Son M 17 Iowa

at 818 (now 718) East State Street. James is Ruth M. Bull’s father, and Leone and Donald are her siblings.

H V Bull Head M 19 South Dakota
(Ruth) Bull Wife F 20 Iowa
James Robert Bull Son M 0 Iowa

are living at 118 Oak Street (renamed Virginia in 1916, so 1 1/2 blocks straight south of the Longnecker-Bull House).

C F Bull Head M 40 New York
Sarah G Bull Wife F 39 South Dakota
Dorthy H Bull Daughter F 8 Iowa
Fred C Bull Son M 4 Iowa

The above are Harold Bull's parents and siblings, living at 797 State Street (now 697 East State Street), kitty-corner across the street from the Longnecker-Bull House! Found old photos in the collection of Diane Jorgensen.


1917 Abstract - J. H. McGhee to Ruth M. Bull, warranty deed, convey for $1 and other considerations
1917 Abstract - Ruth M. Bull and H. V. Bull, her husband to C.H.McNider, mortgage for $4000
1917 Abstract - C. H. McNider to John W. Smith, assigns mortgage



Harold V Bull Head M 29 South Dakota
Ruth Bull Wife F 30 Iowa
Robert Bull Son M 9 Iowa
Elizabeth R Bull Daughter F 2 Iowa
Donald Mcghee Brother-in-law M 26 Iowa
Leone Mcghee Sister-in-law F 28 Iowa
Helen Johnston Servant F 16 South Dakota

at 718 East State Street. Deckers live next door at 704 (Vermilya House). Charles, Grace and Dorothy Bull (50, 49 and 18 yo) are at 104 1st Street (vs. S. Virginia?)


Mason City Directory:

Bull Harold V. Ruth Asst Cashr First National Bank r 718 E State

First National Bank The, C H MacNider, Pres; W G C Bagley, C A Parker, F E Keeler and Hanford MacNider, Vice Pres; R P Smith, Cashr; H V Bull, Asst Cashr; 1 N Federal Av. -


Newspaper February 1930 - For Rent Houses-FOR RENT--7 room house. ·mr  » r *r 1-..!l i^ Mass. H. V. Bull. -

Newspaper April 1930 - The Klein-Wilkinson jury is made up of the following: ...Ruth Bull, 718 East State street;

Census: (C. Frank and Ruth V. Bull, ages 60 and 59 at 104 S. Virginia) (Harold V. and Ruth M., 38 and 39, with Robert J. 20 yo son, and R. Elizabeth 13 yo dau, at 718 East State Street)

  • value of home 10,000, Harold list as bank “cashier”, not a veteran, Robert J as filling station “service man”) Note that living next door in the Vermilya House is Robert P. Smith, bank president (formerly “cashier” per 1923 Directory), i.e. the president of First National Bank where Harold is a cashier. Smith is renting the home for “60” per month.


Newspaper July 1931
H. V. Bull, Cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. H. V. BULL, Cashier. [a promotion!] -


Newspaper - the March 3rd 1933 Globe-Gazette:
Officers for the coming year were elected at the meeting of the History club Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. H. V. Bull 718 East State street. Mrs. W. 'Earl -Hal! was elected president to succeed Mrs. J. W. Irons. Mrs. Irons was elected vice president and Mrs. Frank Pearce secretary. Mrs. H. W. Conover and Mrs A. J. Feeney are the retiring vice president and secretary. Mrs. Lee P. Loomis led the ies- son on "The Economics of Fashion," by Wystrom.


Newspaper January 1937:
Harold Bull, former cashier of the First National bank in Mason City, has been named president of the National Citizen's bank at Mankato. Mr. Bull became cashier of the Mankato banking institution when he left Mason City in 1933. He was successively advanced to vice president and executive vice president and recently to the position of president. (Photo by Floyd IMcriclcth Wright, Kaye- rcay Engraving")

1937 Abstract - John W. Smith to Ruth M. Bull and H.V. Bull, her husband, release of mortgage


1943 Abstract - H.V. Bull, affidavit of property ownership, homestead until 1933 when moved to MN, rented by Ruth as present owner.

1943 Abstract - Ruth M. Bull and Harold V. Bull, her husband to Kenneth I. Waughtal, contract to convey.